All health professionals can benefit from learning effective ways to gain rapport, give suggestion, and teach patients tools, with which they can help themselves. Functional (Medically Unexplained) Symptoms cause immense suffering and cost the country billions of pounds. The effects of inadvertent negative suggestions (NOCEBO effect) during consultations with health care professionals, when patients can be particularly susceptible, should not be underestimated. Learn the language of non-hypnotic positive suggestion in addition to the art of hypnosis.

 Advanced Diploma/BSc Conversion/Graduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis and Related Techniques at Birmingham City University. Download course leaflet here.

One-day workshops available in:
• Advanced Clinical Communication in the Management of Pain
• Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Primary Care
• Advanced Clinical Communication in the Management of Functional Disorders

The above targeted taster workshops teach simple hypnotic and imagery techniques but to explore the full potential of hypnotic techniques we suggest you book on a Foundation Course.

CLICK HERE for more information about our Foundation Training and Core Curriculum

Pre-Congress - An Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis

BSCAH National 23rd August 2017

A morning workshop introducing the basics of clinical hypnosis so that those new to the field can participate more fully in the conference sessions. This workshop is open to Medical, Dental, or Health professionals (In the UK Registered. Read more...

Advanced Professional Diploma / BSc Course in Clinical Hypnosis & Related Techniques

Midlands Mod 1:15th-16th Sept 2017 Mod 2: 24th-25th Nov 2017 Mod 3a: 9th-10th Feb 2018 Mod 3b: 9th-10th March 2018

Advanced Diploma/BSc Conversion Course in Clinical Hypnosis and Related Techniques Midlands branch of BSCAH are pleased to announce that they have completed their first year in delivering the University Accredited Advanced Diploma/B. Read more...

3 Module Foundation Training Warrington

Lancs and Cheshire 11/12th Nov 2017 • 9/10th Dec 2017 • 13/14th Jan 2018

The Foundation course is aimed at teaching the basics that health professionals can integrate into their existing clinical work.  As a safe-guard for clients / patients, we will only train health care professionals who are eligible. Read more...

York 3 Module training in Clinical Hypnosis for Health Professionals ( Module 1 now 20/21 January)

Northern Counties 20/21 January 2018.Module one of three . ( Mods II & III :- 24/25 February & 24/25 March 2018)

Click here for an application form  (please note module 1 date now 20/21 Jan 2018) We follow the BSCAH Core curriculum (36 hours CPD) The course will be co-presented by Grahame Smith and Gillian Smith (no relation), supported by Dan. Read more...

3 Module Foundation Training in Hypnosis in London

Mets & South (London) Sat/Sun 3rd & 4th February 2018 - Sat/Sun 24th & 25th February 2018 - Sat/Sun 24th & 25th March 2018

This course is open to all regulated health care professionals and the cross-disciplinary interaction adds to the depth of experience in the learning process. The class has a minimum cohort of 12 and a maximum of 20, so there is ample oppor. Read more...