Membership Benefits

All members of BSCAH receive free hard copy or electronic access to the peer reviewed scientific journal Contemporary Hypnosis and Integrated Therapies which is also the official journal of ESH (European Society of Hypnosis). All members also receive the BSCAH Newsletter three times a year which keeps members in touch with what is going on at National level and around the Branches.

As a BSCAH member you have opportunities to give presentations at meetings, to participate in the AGM and a reduced rate for the annual educational BSCAH conference. Conferences and meetings are always good opportunities to network with colleagues and discuss and exchange ideas.

As a member you are able to attend Branch educational meetings around the UK and have a reduced rate for workshops organised at Branch level. Attendance at Branch meetings also gives you access to peer supervision and resources such as Branch libraries.

Following Foundation training all members have the opportunity to progress through further training to Accreditation.

All BSCAH members also have the opportunity to access ESH (European Society of Hypnosis) with reduced rates for conferences via the Society’s membership as a constituent society and Accredited BSCAH members may apply for the European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH).

So in summary, why should you join BSCAH?

  • Paper and/or electronic access to Contemporary Hypnosis and Integrated Therapies
  • Copy of the Society’s newsletter
  • Opportunity to give presentations at meetings
  • Opportunity to participate in the AGM
  • Opportunity to attend an annual educational conference at a reduced rate
  • Opportunity for networking
  • Access to Branch educational meetings
  • Access to Branch and audio library
  • Access to peer supervision
  • Opportunity to gain Accreditation
  • Opportunity to access ESH via the Society’s membership of same