About us

BSCAH is a Society for Health Care Professionals whose members are also trained in the medical use of hypnosis.

The logo symbol denotes:
​Medicine: serpent and staff of Asciepius
​Psychology: Greek letter psi which is used to represent Psychology
​Scholarship: flame and torch usually used to represent knowledge/scholarship and the staff doubles as a torch.

BSCAH is divided into seven geographical regions, each region being referred to as a Branch.
​Branches work within the ethos of BSCAH and have their own internal organisation, usually comprising a Chair, Hon Sec and Treasurer. Branches hold their own funds, submit their annual accounts to the National Office, and are supported financially when necessary. ​Each Branch is represented by at least one member on Council, produces its own programme of events and Branch meetings and runs Foundation training in hypnosis using a corporate syllabus.

The BSCAH Council:
​Dr Peter Naish: President & Chair of Academic & Accreditation Committee
​Dr Grahame Smith: Chairman & Northern Counties Branch Representative
​Dr Cathryn Woodward: Hon Secretary
​Dr Ann Williamson: Hon Treasurer
​Dr Mike Capek: Development Officer & Lancs & Cheshire Branch Representative
​Dr Cath Potter: ISH/ESH rep
​Dr Jane Boissiere: Communication Officer
Dr Les Brann : Eastern Counties Branch Representative
​Mr David Kraft: Mets & South Branch Representative
​Miss Zoita Mandila: West of England Branch Representative
Mr Simon Barnett: Midlands Diploma/BSc Course Leader
Mrs Jean Rogerson: Midlands Branch Representative

Non-Council posts:
​Second ESH/ISH representative: Dr Martin Wall
​Webmaster: Dr Peter Naish
​Newsletter Editor: Dr Charlotte Davies
​Librarian: Dr Caron Moores
​Ethical Officer: Dr Grahame Smith
​National Office Secretary: Mrs Hilary Walker

National Office Contact:
T: 07702 492867
​E: natoffice@bscah.co.uk

℅ Hollybank House, Lees Rd,
​OL5 0PL

BSCAH aims to promote the safe and responsible use of hypnosis in medicine, dentistry, and psychology, and to educate both our professional colleagues and the public about hypnosis and its benefits.